Addiction Counselor and Life Coach Based In Oregon Helps Individuals Break Free From Subconscious Beliefs & Past Traumas

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Life Coach Oregon

Rita Soman, Life Coach

Rita Soman Logo

Rita Soman Logo

Having negative or unhelpful thoughts can be a real problem for most of us in life. Especially if these thoughts interfere with our daily lives.

Don’t take a shortcut to get what you want. Evolve your consciousness to match your true desire and enjoy long-term happpiness.”

— Rita Soman

PORTLAND, OREGON, USA, January 10, 2023 / — The Oregon-based life coach and addiction counselor helps the addicted individuals break free of subconscious beliefs and past trauma that keep them addicted and stuck in life.

Since 1989, Rita Soman, who holds a Master’s degree in psychology from the University of Delhi, has been helping the addicted individuals and their families, using just talk therapy. Since she was not happy with the short term results of this approach she began searching for more effective ways that led her to various energy psychology process called PSYCH-K®, via Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief. Using this process in conjunction with talk therapy, she was very pleased to notice the quick and long lasting successful treatment outcomes. She is a leading life coach in Oregon.

She loves her profession, takes it to heart, and believes that it is a necessity for her spirit to help clients with the best known methods to support them in living a free, happy, and healthy life! This is the reason for her long search for the most innovative and effective methods.

With her eagerness to help people with issues other than addictions she added more tools to her practice, such as NLP, Access Consciousness, Hypnosis, EFT, Emotion Code, Healing Code, and Ho’oponopono. This opened doors for people from all walks of life to seek services from her expertise.

She specializes in identifying and rewriting the limiting beliefs and subconscious narratives that dictate and shape behaviors leading to various recurring issues in one’s life.

She is passionate about helping those who are ready to heal the root cause of their problems that lie in the subconscious mind in order to live a life of true freedom. Her purpose is to facilitate changes in global consciousness through her own changes and her clients. The story of her triumphs is available in two books, The Thought That Changed My Life Forever, and Thank God I Am An Empowered Woman.

Scores of her clients say they no longer feel controlled by self-limiting beliefs or negative thoughts. Indeed, freed from the chains of old thinking and behaviors, Rita’s clients report a renewed sense of freedom and self-confidence.

She works with people from different parts of the world, in person, via Zoom. She can be reached at: [email protected] /

Rita Soman
Rita Soman Life Coach
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