App owner starts campaign asking commercial leasing and management companies not to lease space to pet stores

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No Lease 4 Paws

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, US, January 11, 2023 / — Elizabeth Menegon, the owner of Hands2Paws, an app that matches humans with the right breed of dog based on their lifestyle, is asking commercial leasing brokers and management companies to pledge not to lease space to pet stores selling pets. She believes that if there is no place for these stores to operate, it will disrupt the puppy mill pipeline.

Responsible breeders will not sell their puppies at pet stores, because it is important to them to meet the owner and ensure the puppy is going to a safe home. These pet store puppies largely come from puppy mills. Unfortunately, these puppies often experience a host of health issues and that the owner then carries the burden of handling.

The No Lease 4 Paws pledge is an initiative asking commercial management companies, property developers and real estate brokers to rethink their involvement in leasing space to pet stores who sell puppies and other animals. Menegon is hopeful that once companies see the support from the public, other companies will pledge.

“Unfortunately, the USDA is ill equipped to manage the current state of registered breeders and kennels due to the volume of complaints and unlicensed facilities selling directly to consumers,” says Menegon. “These pet stores know exactly where the puppies come from, and since they don’t personally inspect these breeders, they cannot honestly tell consumers that puppy mills are not involved.”

Menegon advocates for responsible pet ownership and is looking ahead at what’s to come of the puppy mill industry. Hands2Paws was created to not only match prospective dog owners with the breed ideal for their lifestyle, but to match those owners with either responsible breeders or adoption facilities.

“People have been fighting for years to get puppy farming under control, and although strides have been made, we cannot keep up with the online kennel-to-consumer sales. Since the USDA cannot adequately regulate these organizations, we have to take measures to combat the problem as a community. We know puppy mills will never go away, but updated policies and procedures can be implemented to limit the environmental abuse and hold the puppy farmers accountable.”

Menegon is hopeful that anyone looking to open a pet store and wanting to sell puppies will, hopefully, rethink their business model, realizing they can’t get retail space.

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