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Douglas Insights

Douglas Insights

Companies Mentioned: Google; Meta Platforms, Inc. (Facebook);, Inc; Microsoft Corporation; Alibaba Group Holdings Limited

DOUGLAS, ISLE OF MAN, January 10, 2023 / — Digital Advertising Market Analysis

It is estimated that the global digital market will grow from $178.60 billion in 2021 to $208.00 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.5%. The digital advertising market will reach $354.90 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 14.3%.

Digital advertising is the fastest-growing industry. It is an innovative change in how people get information and make a purchase. One of its many aspects to include email marketing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), different types of display advertisements, mobile advertising, and more. This industry consists of a publisher (who creates the advertisement), an advertiser, advertising agencies, advertising affiliates and an ad-server (where the ad will be hosted).

Digital Advertising Market Growth Drivers and Risks

As digital infrastructure and digitization continue to grow throughout the world, publishers and advertisers can now reach a broader audience online. A growing number of smartphone users and broadband subscribers, along with the extensive use of the internet, are driving the digital advertising market.
A major driving force behind the market is the ability to target an audience accurately and display ads based on their preferences, as well as the cost savings compared to traditional media such as television and print. The transition and proper implementation of smartphone ads is a challenge to the market.

This market research report provides valuable insights and information that can help businesses in a number of ways. Some potential benefits of using such a report include:

* Understanding the size and scope of the market
* Identifying key trends and dynamics
* Understanding the competitive landscape
* Identifying market segmentation
* Developing marketing and sales strategies
* Identifying key growth drivers and challenges
* Formulating business plans
* Making informed business decisions
* Identifying opportunities for expansion
* Assessing the impact of government regulations
* Providing a benchmark for performance

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Digital Advertising Market Keyplayers-

Companies Mentioned: Google; Meta Platforms, Inc. (Facebook);, Inc; Microsoft Corporation; Alibaba Group Holdings Limited

Digital Advertising Market Segmentations

By Platform
• Mobile Ad (In-App And Mobile Web)
• Desktop Ad
• Digital TV
• Other Platforms

By Ad Format
• Digital Display Ad
• Internet Paid Search
• Social Media
• Online Video
• Other Ad Formats

By Industrial Vertical
• Media And Entertainment
• Consumer Goods & Retail Industry
• Banking
• Financial Service & Insurance
• Telecommunication IT Sector
• Travel Industry
• Healthcare Sector
• Manufacturing & Supply Chain
• Transportation And Logistics
• Energy
• Power
• Utilities
• Other Industrial Sectors.

Table of Content-

1. Digital Advertising Market Executive Summary

2. Table of Contents

3. List of Figures

4. List of Tables

5. Report Structure

6. Introduction and Market Characteristics
6.1. General Market Definition
6.2. Summary
6.3. Digital Advertising Market Definition and Segmentations
6.4. Market Segmentation By Platform
6.4.1. Mobile Ad (In-App and Mobile Web)
6.4.2. Desktop Ad
6.4.3. Digital TV
6.4.4. Other Platforms
6.5. Market Segmentation By Ad Format
6.5.1. Digital Display Ad (Programmatic and Non-programmatic Transactions)
6.5.2. Internet Paid Search
6.5.3. Social Media
6.5.4. Online Video
6.5.5. Other Ad Formats
6.6. Market Segmentation By Industrial Vertical
6.6.1. Media and Entertainment
6.6.2. Consumer Goods & Retail Industry
6.6.3. Banking, Financial Service & Insurance
6.6.4. Telecommunication IT Sector
6.6.5. Travel Industry
6.6.6. Healthcare Sector
6.6.7. Manufacturing & Supply Chain
6.6.8. Transportation and Logistics
6.6.9. Energy, Power, and Utilities
6.6.10. Other Industrial Sectors

7. Major Market Trends
7.1. Growing Demand For Interactive Advertising
7.2. Artificial Intelligence In Digital Advertising
7.3. Rising Storytelling Concept
7.4. Augmented Reality For Digital Advertising
7.5. Adoption Of Conversational Interfaces And Chatbox
7.6. Automated Personalized Email Marketing
7.7. Increase In Advertising On Streaming Services
7.8. Partnerships And Acquisitions For Brand Expansions

…..toc continued

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