Howchi Kilburn’s Another Butterfly follows modern nomads’ journey of transcendental realization

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Another Butterfly

Howchi Kilburn

Mysticism Novel Blends Precepts of Taoism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Ways of Goddess

UNITED STATES, January 11, 2023 / — Four friends embark on a journey that will change their lives. In Howchi Kilburn‘s “Another Butterfly,” the author weaves three ancient traditions: Buddhism and Taoism, shamanism and loving relationships with Goddess, in a narrative that follows the companions’ encounters with marvels and revelations during their road trip across northern New Mexico, a land of enchantment that takes a literal meaning for the protagonists.

The narrative follows the friends as they dream and seek a more quintessential way of being, learning from Grandmother Xochitl and from Mother Earth. Wu, Daphne, Atsa and Aiyana encounter beings from higher planes of existence in their travels across northern New Mexico, inviting them to different dimensions, including an otherworldly guide masquerading as a middle-aged American tourist in an RV – a shapeshifter who changes form from a lovely alluring woman to a sweet and loving mother.

The friends learn ancient forms of initiation and bloom in their own unique ways as they pursue their ultimate truths. Through this, Kilburn blends Native American and ancient Celtic lore. He depicts the mythological Garden of Eden as simply the way people used to live, with knowledge and understanding that can be regained through ancient traditions and spiritual practices.

“Having read many scholarly works about the millennia during which peaceful, agrarian Goddess culture covered much of the earth, I wanted to write a story that would exemplify what the scholars have established. I wanted to write a story that would be captivating enough as a story that readers merely looking for a good story would not be able to put it down.” Kilburn says.

“‘Another Butterfly’ explores some ways in which ordinary people may open themselves to more soulful connection with one another, and with the divine in her many faces and forms. Imagination is the avenue through which we may approach and enter into more sublime realities and build a more peaceful, more loving world to live in.” Kilburn explains. “Watch as a handful of modern people rediscover the gifts of the Ancient Ones, a life permeated by an essence of holy ecstatic Spirit.”

About the Author
Howchi Kilburn is a practitioner of meditation, tai chi, yoga, and wilderness quests. He is a denizen of northern California and writes stories to highlight the ways people lived in ancient times, peaceful lifestyles that nurtured nature through ceremonies emphasizing joy and pleasure as well as the interconnectedness of all life.

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