KokTailz Revolutionizing The Dating Industry, Now Available For Android

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TINLEY PARK, ILLINOIS , UNITED STATES, January 12, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The world’s a big place and in this gigantic sphere, there are over 8 billion people. Yet, countless people still exist who don’t have anyone to talk to, to share their feelings with, and most of all, to spend time with. This is one of the many reasons why people often resort to many different ways to find someone who matches with them, and one very popular and frighteningly easy way is through dating applications.

Dating apps are a common thing in this day and age, everyone wants to feel loved and as soon as one gets out of a relationship, within the next ten minutes, they’re already trying to get back in.

KokTailz is a one-stop shop for those wishing to meet new people for dates or casual hookups. Users’ locations are used by KokTailz to show others who reside in the same neighborhood, city, or state. Users of the program are made aware anytime they “clink” with someone on the street. Additionally, it tells users how frequently they have clinked with somebody and any profile that is shown on a user’s timeline can be connected to. Depending on the user’s location and choices, various profiles may be displayed to them.

Individuals may utilize KokTailz top dating app by setting up a profile on the app with a Google, Apple, Facebook, mobile device, or email login. Users may toast, dislike, or like another user’s profile to see if there is a prospective love fit. Only users who are matched with one another can communicate via chat, audio, or video calls. Users’ decisions are kept private and are not shared with other users proving the apps superior security and privacy configurations.

Users of KokTailz, the best dating app, may choose their mates using a variety of parameters, including body type, age, height, and ethnicity. Additionally, users are given the option to select their companions’ sexual orientation. The app’s algorithms help users identify others who share the same interests and activities.

KokTailz also uses Google Places’ live location capability to recommend meet-up locations. To help consumers make an educated choice, reviews and ratings are shown alongside the options. Both parties may choose the time and day of the meeting and make reservations via the app’s messenger in a different portion of the platform. The messenger feature of the app enables users to contact the restaurant and make a reservation.

KokTailz respects its users’ right to privacy. Users’ precise whereabouts are concealed. The software only shows a user’s estimated “clinked” whereabouts. The location function can even be disabled by users through their account settings. For their own protection, they may also report users who are using the platform inappropriately.

Google play download – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.koktailz.app

Apple store download – https://apps.apple.com/app/koktailz/id1617331971

KokTailz a free dating app, represents partying, having fun, meeting new people, dating, romance, casual hook-ups, meeting up at nice places around the city to have drinks, coffee, or a meal. KokTailz represents amazing different types of people. KokTailz is about diversity, culture, and different personalities. available on Apple store available on Google play.

KokTailz top dating app brings A Fun Way To Meet Amazing People. Download today and make dating easier with KokTailz. For those interested in good looks & casual fun hook ups. Those looking for long lasting relationships.

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