Metoree, a comparison site for manufacturers and suppliers of industrial products, has started operations in Canada.

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MIYOSHI-CITY, AICHI, JAPAN, January 10, 2023 / — About Metoree, the fastest growing site in the world
ZAZA, Inc. is a rapidly growing company currently attracting significant attention in various countries. The company has already been featured in The Guardian, AP News, Yahoo! Finance, UK Business Reporter, NHK, NIKKEI, and other media.

Metoree’s Expansion to Australia
Metoree has been operating in Australia since December 23, 2022.The site currently lists 874 product categories, with new categories such as “Fresnel Lenses,” “Fiberscopes,” “Thermostatic Bimetals,” “Tension Meters,” “Diamond Blades,” and “Die Grinders” being added. The new categories are “Thermostatic Bimetals,” “Tension Meters,” “Diamond Blades” and “Die Grinders.

Notable features of Metoree
Among the various new features added to Metoree, the ranking feature is the most notable. Users can see the click rate of individual products within a category in a ranking format. The rankings are divided into two categories, “Worldwide” and “Country,” so users can see which products are famous worldwide and which are popular in their home country.

Other features of Metoree
In addition to the ranking function, two new features have been added to Metoree. The first is the ability to sort by company characteristics, which allows users to sort the various products in a category by company size, year established, etc. The second is the ability to sort by country. By moving products from a specific country to the top of a category, users can easily find products by country.

Metoree Users’ Comments
Metoree is indispensable when considering the purchase of a product because it allows users to compare products in many categories.
The ability to compare many products in a single category makes it easy to find the right product for your needs.
It is beneficial to know the product and detailed information about the company that produces the product.

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