USPA employs JSOC-trained operators to detect listening devices as part of its countersurveillance service in Miami

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Bug Sweep Service Miami Florida

TSCM Service Miami

Miami Bug Sweeps offered by USPA Nationwide Security by retired members of the Joint Special Operations Command provide Countersurveillance in Dade County

retired members of the Joint Special Operations Command provide technical security countermeasures in Miami”

— Daniel Manning, CEO

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, March 27, 2023/ — The Technical Security Countermeasures Service of USPA Nationwide Security has expanded into Miami-Dade. The move comes as the company expands its list of security contractors, including Army Rangers who were trained in the Joint Special Operations Command to detect and remove listening devices and other spy equipment while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

TSCM refers to a range of techniques and measures utilized by foreign intelligence agencies and other parties in order to detect and nullify a wide range of technologies.

The Miami TSCM bug sweeps are conducted by trained personnel utilizing sophisticated equipment and tools to locate listening devices, both radio and non-radio. An electronic examination of their Miami, FL clients’ premises is conducted as well as a physical investigation of rooms for evidence of hidden eavesdropping technology.

Electronic Surveillance Devices (Bug Sweeps in Miami)
Electronic devices called bugs are capable of being placed secretly in a particular area in order to intercept private communications. Hackers, competitors, and disgruntled employees use them to gather information about your business.

USPA’s Countersurveillance Team

David “Mike” Edwards, VIP Security & Deployment Team Leader

David “Mike” Edwards retired from the Army after 22 years of service, 19 of which were spent with an elite Special Operations unit. During several combat deployments, he served with the 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment as a rifleman, fire team leader, and assault squad leader. In 2005, he was wounded during a battle in Tal-Afar Iraq for which he received the Purple Heart Medal and the Silver Star Medal. He served as a Ranger Indoctrination course (selection) cadre for two years, teaching tactical shooting and advanced demolitions (explosives), as well as evaluating applicants for the Nation’s premier raid force, the 75th Ranger Regiment. Following assessment and selection, Mike was selected for the Regimental Reconnaissance Company (RRC), the highly secretive Special Mission Unit (SMU) of the 75th Ranger Regiment. As a member of RRC, he was deployed numerous times conducting low-vis clandestine reconnaissance missions and other tactical reconnaissance operations. As a senior military advisor, he worked directly with the CIA and other government agencies. Along with his formal special operations training, Mike also completed several civilian courses from Vanguard tactical fighting systems, including defensive driving, on-road/off-road evasive driving, advanced tactical pistol and rifle shooting, combat knife fighting, and weapons disarming techniques. His training includes the small team direct action course, the small team and pistol carbine transition course, the Jerry Barnhart Training School and various other courses. Furthermore, Mike is a Ranger Assault Sniper qualified, FRIES, SPIES, and MFF insertion qualified, and an experienced interrogator skilled in reading body language. He has also served as an instructor at the US Army’s Military Free Fall School and has conducted more than 5,000 MFF jumps. As part of his role in creating the MARSOC advanced MFF course, he trained the nation’s most elite war fighters to be the world’s most highly trained MFF parachutists. He has trained the most elite special operations units as a contractor in basic and advanced Military Free Fall tactics, including body flight, canopy flight, and tactical employment, after completing his military service. During his Operator Training Course pipelines, he teaches clandestine reconnaissance techniques to the other Tier-1 SMUs. While working as an Independent Contractor, he also trains and evaluates SEAL teams in surveillance techniques. In his spare time, he runs Project Exodus Relief, a volunteer group that helps Afghan SOF partners left behind after the US military withdrew in 2021. Exodus Relief feeds and houses over 2000 Afghan refugees and has assisted in the rescue of over 2000 additional Afghan refugees.

Adam White, Director of Intelligence

Adam serves as our Director of Intelligence in conjunction with our VIP security teams (Titanium Service). His team conducts surveys, risk assessments, and reconnaissance, often coordinating with local and federal law enforcement, assets, and close protection teams on six continents. Additionally, White plays a key role in the Kingsman initiative, providing intelligence support to our kidnap recovery, human trafficking, and missing persons units. In his role as a source handler in both tactical and strategic assignments, Adam graduated from the US Army’s Counterintelligence Special Agent course at the top of his class. In Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait, Adam was responsible for HUMINT and counterintelligence operations aimed at identifying high-value targets. He also has experience in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and Central America as a Counterintelligence Agent. He holds degrees in International Relations and Political Theory from Columbia University in the City of New York.

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